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For Thriving

Resolve Anxiety, Depression & Trauma
with TRTP Therapy





Anger or Rage


Past Trauma



Negative Relationship Patterns

Life Crossroads

All can be resolved permanently.

All of those awful feelings and recurring patterns

can be gone from your life.


TRTP is the therapy and what it does is:

1. Clear subconscious blocks and negative beliefs! 

2. Heal your past and deactivate painful triggers!

3. Shift from Surviving to Thriving!

It's all done in just 3 Weeks.

We can start with a couple of counselling sessions to get to know each other and set the foundations for the new you. 

Counselling may be enough to uplevel you, or it may be just building the foundation for your next level. 



Go straight into TRTP

(The Richards Trauma Process)

 This is my favorite therapy tool, and I am excited to offer it to you because it's fast and effective and enables you to experience genuine wellbeing and permanent freedom from the impacts of trauma.

I'm proudly personally trained by the developer of TRTP Judith Richards and as she says, "this shit works". 

See the video at the bottom of this page for an explanation of how this works and why I am passionate to bring this to you.

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If you have any issues locating an appropriate booking time or need any other assistance, please contact me via email and I will be happy to call you to help you.

Bronwyn Smart

+6142 888 0745

Client Feedback


Hi Bronwyn,

As promised, here are my comments regarding TRTP and recent changes in life;

Firstly, let me say that I feel very lucky to have been connected to you through the EAP and so gain access to the benefits of TRTP. It seems almost karmic. I admitted at the outset to some skepticism as to the claims made as to the benefits I could expect. I don't believe in "golden bullets" that just fix everything. I am thrilled to have been proven wrong. While there are still a few bits and pieces to sort out it seems to me that these are not directly PTSD associated and are much more the result of having this disorder occur so early in my life, leaving me with some skewed perspectives that are more about mis-learned life lessons as the events were viewed through a 'PTSD filter', to coin a phrase. 

The change in my mood, my sense of wellbeing, my ability to maintain a calm outlook in difficult situations and my ability to keep my cool are beyond profound. I would not have believed that such a result could be achieved, let alone so quickly. I am much calmer, much more relaxed and far better able to deal with emotionally challenging issues. While I still experience anger I remain in control and don't fly to rage. Issues that would, three weeks ago, have started strong emotional response no longer do so. On the couple of occasions where I have found myself feeling anger I was able to literally choose not to remain angry, to calm myself and quickly move on without the anger taking over the rest of my day or potentially several days. This in itself is a huge change. I am able to deal with issues calmly and respectfully both at home and at work. Others are beginning to notice that I am a changed man. The hope I now have for my future is real and I look forward to things which I would formerly have merely endured. I am now enjoying life and have realised that what I once thought of as a good day was only a day were I didn't feel bad. I now have genuinely good days, one after another. Thankyou so much, and thankyou also to Judith for developing this program. I feel so lucky to have been able to do this.

As we discussed, I am going to begin visiting assistance organisations to try to get practices in Tasmania to adopt this program. we NEED it here in Tassie!

 I found it to be a surprising uplifting and warming experience. I felt supported and in control of the changes I was choosing.  I felt, and feel empowered by the experience. 

I hope the comments above are suitable for your webpage.

I hope your Christmas is a happy one. Thankyou again for your help.



Hi Bronwyn, 

I've been meaning to get in touch with you though for the past couple weeks! I wanted to say a huge huge thank you, your workings has done amazing things for me. I am still pinching myself with how quickly my life and my families lives have elevated! We have now relocated to Brisbane just like I envisioned for our future. Lots of relationships have changed, all of that negativity has surpassed. I am very grateful 🙏🏾 

I hope you have a great year 💓 

Tegan 💖


Hello Bronwyn,

Before I started therapy, I knew I wanted so much more enjoyment out of life, and I was ready to do whatever it took to achieve that. Three days after session 1 I made a decision to quit a job I was unhappy in, as weeks went on, I continued to make changes in my life that would bring me nothing but pure bliss.  I have more confidence, feel calmer, happier and have so much more fun!


CLEARHEAD Counselling Services 

ABN: 50226629690

The Richards Trauma Process

Certified Practitioner

Member of: ACA & IICT


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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Australian land and sea. We pay our respects to Elders, past and present and we acknowledge the Traditional Owners' enduring cultures and traditions, and honor their continuing connection to family, country and community.

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